About the restaurant

Hõlm is a restaurant that belongs to the best restaurants in the Baltic and Nordic region according to the gastronomical guide White Guide Baltics and is recommended by MICHELIN Guide 2023. It is a place where everyone feels welcome. Its kitchen, led by head chef Sven Pärn, creates unforgettable dining experiences in which every detail is carefully considered, painstakingly prepared and lovingly presented. 

What makes the restaurant special is the fact that its kitchen is completely open, creating a direct link with diners and allowing them to enjoy the art of cooking first-hand. The restaurant uses exciting techniques in preparing its dishes in which quality, simplicity and the purity of the ingredients all play an important role. It also surprises for its recipes, which come from a cookbook written by Lydia Grünmann Holm in 1925-26. This is where the restaurant gets its name – Hõlm.